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  • LOCATION: Miradouro de Stª Catarina (Adamastor)

The “Miradouro de Santa Catarina” (Santa Catarina viewpoint) is one of the most popular miradouros, with a cafe and a prominent landmark of a mythical character: the statue of Adamastor, the monster who guarded the sea around the Cape of Good Hope from intruders and here overlooks the harbor, in the ideal spot for prime views of who’s entering or leaving Lisbon by sea.

Facing the Tagus River (rio Tejo) this terrace presents clear views, not only of the Lisbon harbor and the surrounding neighborhood, but also the of the city of Almada, on the other margin. Here, the south of the country begins.

This is a perfect spot to rest and cherish the sun, alone or among friends and calmly do some sketches:

1.) We can attentively observe the scenario with its majestic housing, built to make the most of the privileged topographical situation.

2.) We can record the difference of the various steps or plans running downhill with its characteristic construction, giving some interesting cues for dramatic perspectives.

3.) We can focus on the large estuary of the river Tagus with its maritime life, the harbor, and the surrounding margins.

4.) We can focus on the natural surrounding: the grass lawn and the numerous majestic trees.

5.) Finally we can capture the rich variety of people that always gathers around the spot, be it sitting at the kiosk or cafe, resting on the grass nearby or on the public benches: neighbors, regulars and newcomers, tourists.I moved to this neighborhood, some years ago. This place is straight on my way to work (the faculty of fine arts of Lisbon), and back. I spend a lot of time there too, of course, and I really like to draw here...... so, you can always have a peek on some sketches I ‘ve done on flickr.