Lecture: Sketching on Location, Teaching and Learning

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By Matthew Brehm (Idaho, USA)

Teaching and learning are intertwined, two sides of the same coin. One can certainly learn without being ‘taught’ in the standard sense, but self-directed learning is typically a form of teaching. And it’s difficult to teach effectively without studying the processes of learning. Sketching on location is an activity that often blurs the distinction between teaching and learning. When we sketch, we are frequently learning new skills, new ways of observing and recording, and we are certainly learning about our surroundings. At times, we are also thrust into the role of teacher, sharing our skills and techniques with our fellow sketchers (in formal settings such as workshops and symposia, and casual settings like sketchcrawls), and when we share our sketches we are in effect teaching others about our interpretations of the world “one drawing at a time.” Whether you are teaching or learning the subject of location sketching, this session is intended to provide suggestions for developing strategies for each pursuit. I will share observations on how to teach and how to learn sketching on location – observations that have been gleaned from books, focused research, and direct experience over my many years as both a teacher and student of sketching.