Request for food and drink recommendations

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I have learnt from previous posts that this is the time of the year for sardines and snails, and I thought I'd start this thread especially about food and drink for people to post their tips and suggestions with particular emphasis on things which are typical of the area, delicious, and preferably not too expensive.


Hi Sunil,

Just one day left before the symposium, but I was just reading about the Instituto de Vinho do Porto, and it seems like THE place to go if you'd like to learn about (and sample!) port.
Rua de Sao Pedro de Alcantra 45, Bairro Alto. Open from 2:00 pm til midnight

Goan food sounds great!!! I'd love to go maybe Friday night?

Jason, thanks for the tip! Good vegan lunch, sounds great!


I only brought up snails and sardines because that was what some people had mentioned in the blog. The most cursory research (along with memories of a brief trip many years ago) shows that Portugal has a rich and varied cuisine of which I am keen to sample as much as possible.

I'm excited that the Symposium is quite near to O Sopinhas, Portugal's only vegan restaurant. (There is also a vegan bakery, Bake the Differnence, only a bit further away).

In case there are any other vegan or vegetarian folks coming, you may want to check out this map I threw together of vegan-friendly eateries convenient to the Symposium:

Best to cross check this map with Happy Cow's guide for details on each place:

Those sardines look good....and I'm willing to brave the snails for a new experience.

I'd love to find a good place to try a couple glasses of Port. I don't have time to visit I'll just have to do it in Lisbon.

I'm going to try and seek out some Goan food as well...lamb vindaloo anyone? Any recommendations?

If anyone having a dinner get together on Wednesday, let me know!

See you all sardines-eater !
The french girl who doesn't like snails... :)

Hello, I don´t like snails at all, but I´m fond of sardines ! Sorry for breaking the clichés but in Spain we (actually, they) eat caracoles (snails) and sardines, a lot, true not so many snails than french people do, however... I will be glad to go with all of you and taste the lisbonian sardinhas, oh, I am looking forward trying new ways of cooking familiar food.
See you in very few days!

Ah! I would include the Portuguese on that lot! (following the francophone thread)


Hi there,

you are probably aware of this but here it is anyway -- try the Ginjinha. This fine liquor can be found throughout, though I would recommend having it here:,+Lisboa,+Portugal&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=38.714447,-9.139252&spn=0.001597,0.003484&sll=33.72434,-50.888672&sspn=54.476603,114.169922&t=h&z=19

(notice the place saying Ginginha, on the Largo de São Domingos).

You'll probably see a queue. No place to sit, just get served and be on your way (or go back for another).

Now the question is: with or without 'em? (in Portuguese: "com ou sem elas?" -- I'll leave you to find out what are "'em"...).


C'est vrai c'est amusant.... J'étais sûre en postant ce message de figurer dans le cliché Français...

Seul le singapourien et les françaises s'interessent de ça. Vive les stéréotypes nationaux!

Peng Hui

Thank you Leepenhui for starting this thread, and Juliette for asking re dinner/drinks for Wednesday.

Thought I'd just chime in here... I'll be in Sintra on Tuesday, if anyone would like to hook up for sardine/snail tasting, maybe a drink (Pedro, we'll let you know if our tongues turn blue!) Any suggestions?



with my french friends staying at the Hotel Borges, we are looking for a nice place to have dinner wednesday evening.

If you have any good advice...