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The hotel Borges website says wifi is 5 Euro for 24 Hrs but surely there must be cafes which provide this for free.

By the way, I've just discovered Viber, which allows you to make calls via a wifi internet connection, integrates with the directory in you phone, and allows you to send texts as well ..

Hi Mariana

You don't have to bring needle. But if you can, bring with you x-act knife, rule and a scissor.

See you.

Hi, I was wondering if we have to bring specific materials for specific workshops like: do we have to bring needle, line and paper to the workshop how to make a sketchbook?

This summer has been rather unusual -- it is windy here at the moment, rather windy. And cool. They say (and we all know they they know a lot) Summer will be back with a vengeance this Wednesday, but just in case, pack a sweater for the night (while the heat is off) or for windy circumstances. We'll see from Wednesday onward if they were right...


thank you, gabi. that's great, does it work only when tag or also with general text? whatever it is, it's great and i hope every one would remember to tag their post some how for this search function.
thanks and cheers, see all soon.
PS, just wonder if i have the pick up guy assigned yet. whatever it is, i'll just enjoy airport sketching no matter what:-)

What about the mentioned Stillman&Birn sketchbooks?

Who´ll be there on Tu 19th afternoon and like some walking & sketching?

Not sure if anyone asked this already, but is there WIFI at the school, or at hotel Borges? Would be cool to be able to do some blog posts on my blog from Lisbon, but doing it via the SIM card on my phone would make my phone bill explode...

Hi Asnee, our fabulous web developer volunteer just installed a SEARCH function on the right sidebar. Cheers!

thanks manuela! see you soon

Thank you, Manuela, that is very helpful.
See you next week :)

by cab, about 30 min (it depends on traffic) and about 10-15 €.
By bus (1,50 €), you can take nº 91 ( schedule )to Cais do Sodré. You can walk to your hotel for about 10 min but if you are carrying too much luggage, you can take the subway in Cais do Sodré - green line Telheiras (subway lines - to the first stop Baixa Chiado, exit Largo do Chiado.The hotel is very near. It will cost you 0,50 € for a rechargeable Viva Viagem card (dont throw it away, you'll need for other trips) and 0,90€ for the trip.
Hope this information can help you. Sorry for my poor english!
See you on thursday!

Iosumaroto, you can take bus nº 711 from Monsanto (ask in the camping reception where is the nearest stop)and go to Rossio. There, you can go walking to Chiado and the College of Fine Arts - may be it 'll take you 10 min. It 'll Cost 1,50 €.After this first trip you can buy in the subway a Viva Viagem card for 0,50€ and charge it with some amount of money ( 5, 10 or more €) and pay only 0,90€ for each trip.
See schedule
I think it'll take you about 25-30 min.
Hope my information can help you.Sorry if my english is not so good.See you on thursday.

I will stay in the camping (monsanto), is it well comunicated with the down town?
how long it takes to arrive in bus? is somebody else going to be in the camping?

this open "last minute" thread could proof not only popular but also very useful. but the TAG function could be fully utilised, most post now are not tag at the moment.

I don't think this blog has any SEARCH function, it would make sense to have one for easy access of the tag subject. or is there a SEARCH box any way now that i miss out?
thanks and cheers

What is the best way to get from the airport to Chiado (Hotel Borges)? And how long will it take?