My first morning - Waterscapes

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I'm finally home, trying to catch up after a marathon journey - in the middle of which was the incredible, wonderful Symposium. Three days jam-packed with beautiful, warm, excited sketchers, sharing of ideas and experiences, sketching of course, at every opportunity - though as with many of the other instructors, it wasn't the priority during our teaching workshops, so didn't get as much done as the participants - in the gorgeous, richly decorated and historical setting of Lisbon, a city I am so happy to have been introduced to.
But my first morning was 'off-duty', joining Manuel San Payo's Waterscapes workshop. He led us through the characterful streets, greeting friends and his 'honeybun' who were leaning out of doorways and windows, waving as we traipsed past to the Miradoura de Santa Catarina, where we were encouraged to relax and enjoy sketching the harbour, bridge and surroundings of the Tagus river.
Isabel, my workshop partner and fellow African correspondent, helped me to order the most delicious coffee and some breakfast at the café, my timid and confused 'merci' met with a roar of "Obrigada! Obrigada!" from the smiling waiter (I knew that, really!). A lovely beginning to the intense experiences still to come.