Meet the instructor: Florian Afflerbach (Cottbus, Germany)

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Florian Afflerbach, 30, was born in Siegen, Germany. For several years he worked as an architect in Stuttgart and he is currently enroled in a Master Degree program on architectural communication and interpretation at BTU Cottbus, near Berlin. He will teach the workshop Lisbon Perspectives along with Belgian architect Gérard Michel.

When did you start sketching on location?

That was during my studies of architecture in Paris, 2004. I made an exchange semester there and began to draw the whole city with two other like-minded guys.

What’s a memorable experience of drawing in a city since you started urban sketching?

Drawing the Piazza San Marco with its extraordinary cathedral was very memorable! I think the Piazza is one most drawn places on earth!  During my session, there were sitting more than 10 other drawers and painters next to us, expressing the same location on their paper and canvas, but always different, and another 30 people looking on what we were doing. What a great feeling! But I didn't like the pigeons sitting above us!

What’s your advice for beginner sketchers?

Try to draw what you really see. Figure out volumes, proportions and shadows. Be aware of certain rules that will let you do a good drawing.

When do you go urban sketching?

As often as I can! On the weekends, there's more time for it, but there's always time for a little sketch, I think.

Tell us about your workshop with Gérard.

We will show some rules dealing with correct architectural perspective, construction and illustration.

What are your favorite subjects to draw?

As I am an architect, I mostly draw architecture, and I'm happy when buildings have a kind of a meaning or unique feature. I also love to draw vintage cars that are still used in the streets. 

You normally use pencil and watercolors, how about sketchbooks? Which ones do you prefer?

I use a large Boesner Sketchbook (27 x 35,5 cm, 170 g/m29. The paper is a little bit beige. The big size is important to me, because I can both, large and small drawings. I don't like ring binder sketchbooks, you can't use them as a double page.

Follow Florian’s work on his Facebook page: Freiezeichnerei


Lovely sketch!
Great simplicity and light!

@ana: thanks for your kind words. i'd love to say hello to your large sketchbook in lisbon, i hope you can carry it! :) cu there, f.
@annette: danke für deinen kommentar. hamm ist mir natürlich ein begriff, ich bin auch (süd-)westfale. ich hoffe natürlich, dass in lissabon auch ein paar nette alte autos rumstehen... mal schauen, freue mich über deine bekanntschaft! bis dann...

Hallo Florian,

deine Zeichnungen sind echt klasse! Ich bin gespannt, dich in Lissabon kennenzulernen. Ich heiße Annette und komme aus Hamm/Westfalen, in der Nähe von Dortmund.
Oldtimer-Autos zeichne ich auch sehr gern. Im "Meilenwerk" in Düsseldorf stehen jede Menge davon in einer großen Halle, und man kann sie von allen Seiten betrachten, um sie herumgehen, Fotos machen und zeichnen.

Bis bald in Lisboa!

Hallo Florian

It's amazing how drawings say about ourselves...
I like larger sketchbooks but sometimes bring them with us in trips are quite difficult...

I look forward to see more drawings of yours... Your lines and colour are really sensitive !

~ Ana Gil.