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Hello sketchers, this is Ea Ejersbo from Denmark. I've been a correspondent and board member on Urban Sketchers since the beginning, but have still to meet a fellow USk'er face to face. I am very much looking forward to the symposium and to sketching together with all of you.

Preparing for the symposium I have been most worried about the heat. I hope the Lisbon squares offer a shady tree or two to sit beneath, because I don't think my hat will do the trick!

Here are my sketch kits for the symposium, sans bag or sketchbooks - possibly subject to slight modifications until I leave on Monday:

You can see the image in my Flickr stream for a view with notes on the contents:

And this is my artlog, where I post scans of my sketchbook drawings:

See you all in Lisbon next week!


i've seen that you use basic medium, i am into art also but not that really good. i paint for my own satisfaction. you know what i mean

Not only drawing but also talking about materials will be fun.
Even before 21th we will be working on FBAUL. Call us if you are around.

Hi Ea!
Nice sketch kit and I love your self portrait! I'm arriving on 20 and looking forward meeting you finally! See you soon!

Hi Ea, I'll be in Lisbon from the 19th, looking forward to see your sketches bag and everything else.

Hi Ea, thanks for introducing yourself and let us know you.
Rright now weather is pretty nice in Lisbon, I arrived 4 days ago and early in the morning and late in the night It's kind of windy and chilly, and during the day, even though the sun is really strong (bring a good pair of sun glasses and sun protection) I have to say that it's not as hot as expected, the wind is fresh as of today. Hope it stays like that for the symposium because until now it is a really nice weather to walk and sketch around. Last night it was 20 degrees at 9pm, not bad at all...and all day it stayed around the 28's.
Hope information helps! ;-) see you soon!!!!