Introducing myself: Suma CM

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Hello from Stamford, Connecticut, USA.

Wow -- months of anticipation, and now the symposium is almost upon us! I'm excited to meet so many sketchers whose work I've seen only online.

It will be my second time visiting Lisbon, but my first time sketching it. My husband is coming with me; while I'm drawing, he'll rent a bicycle and explore the city and coastline. We're flying out there a day early and will probably wander around some of the picturesque areas just west of the capital (Sintra, Cascais, etc.) before the symposium.

My day job has taken me away from home quite a bit over the last month, but I've tried to slot in some time for sketching and painting during my travels. It will be nice to have 3 days during which the only pressing question will be, "What should I draw next?"

I mostly work in watercolor, but I'm thinking about challenging myself to break out of my routines and use different combinations of media & paper during the various workshops. I'm sure I'll be inspired by the instructors' and participants' unique styles and favorite supplies.

Here's a "first draft" of what I'll bring along; I'll also be packing a hat, folding stool, water bottle and camera.

Safe travels, and see you all in Lisbon!

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hi, suma, i am so excited to see your post and the sketches just look fabulous. since we'll meet on friday on contrast, i am sure we'll enjoy trying something different. It is always my interest too to learn and also challenge myself with something out of the routine..
see you soon then, i am leaving bangkok tonight..