How to start blogging at the site

This Site Has Been Archived

You're browsing an archived site from the 2011 Urbansketchers Symposium. This site is no longer active. Login and comments have been turned off to prevent spam comments and user registrations. Feel free to look around, though. Don't forget to visit our main site at for all future Symposium plans as they develop.

If you have already registered for the Symposium and chosen your workshops, you may be thinking: "Now what? Wait until July to get to know fellow participants and instructors?"

You don't have to. The purpose of this site is to help participants and instructors connect with each other. By sharing our work on the blog we can start learning even before we hit the Lisbon streets with our sketchbooks.

If you have already registered, you can start blogging right away, sharing links to your sketches and telling the group more about yourself and what you are expecting from the Symposium.

This system is not like WordPress or Blogger so there's going to be a little learning curve. To help you get started, here's a quick primer of steps to take.

1. After you have logged into the site, you'll see a series of menus at the top the page. Mouse over "Content Management," continue over "Create Content" and then click over "Blog Entry."

2. Before you start writing your post, click over "Input format" and change it to "Full HTML."

3. To add your sketches or photos to the blog post, click on "Choose File" to find the image in your computer, then "Upload."

4. For automatic sizing to full width, you may select the 700 pixels-wide option from the drop-down menu next to the image. To place it in the body of the post, hit "Insert." The image will then appear wherever you had your cursor.

5. And last, to publish the post, click "Save."

Feel free to ask questions by leaving a comment. There are no bad questions! We can always edit or fix a blog post, so don't be afraid to try.

You may browse through last year's blog to see how participants introduced themselves.

Looking forward to your posts! 


thanks, hope we could save one step and more importantly, less confusion and guess work!

hi Asnee, yes, with comments you have to hit the 'preview' button and then the 'save' button. We'll see if that could be simplified. WIth blog posts, you can hit "Save" directly to post them.

this is such a great and fun way to start indeed. i've never imagined any better or more wholesome way to connect people, technology and the love of SKETCHING.
PS, one thing, i notice that we have to "Preview" all post/comment then "Save" on the next page in order to really post anything. So, is this the way or I miss anything? thanks