How to sign up for workshops

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You're browsing an archived site from the 2011 Urbansketchers Symposium. This site is no longer active. Login and comments have been turned off to prevent spam comments and user registrations. Feel free to look around, though. Don't forget to visit our main site at for all future Symposium plans as they develop.

Registration is now open (refresh your browser if you don't see a "Register Now" tab in the navigation bar.)

After you complete the registration, you can sign up for the different workshops right away.

Go to the "Session Info" tab on the navigation bar and click the link that says "Add to your schedule" below the session you want to attend.

Some things to remember:

Only sign up for one workshop in each time period.

Don't sign up for the same workshop more than once. In other words, you can't attend "Cityscapes" at 10 a.m. on Monday and take the same workshop again at 4.30 p.m. or the next day, as you would be taking a spot away from others who may want to attend that session.

If you change your mind, you can "remove from your schedule" and pick a different workshop.


[Problem solved]

We already got this worked out. Thanks for signing up Barry and Karin, looking forward to seeing you in Lisbon!

I have registered and paid for my wife and I to attend the Symposium. How can she access the Sessions booking page - or better still how can I book sessions for both of us (we want to do the same sessions)

I have set up a login and password for her, but it doesn't allow access to signing up: her username: KarinM

Ugh, so hard to choose which ones to sign up for. And fantastic to have this luxury problem - I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and sketching for days!

No need to sign up for lectures. Registered participants can attend all of them. There's no space limit.

How do we sign up for lectures…?

Sorry about the inconvenience. Either or all of these steps should allow you to see the "Register Now" tab:

1. Close your browser and open it again
2. Clear browsing data
3. Type and go directly to "Register Now" without loggin into the site

We have the same problem.

Help...there is no 'register now' tab or 'session info' tab in the navigation bar. i am getting very frustrated trying to rigister.
Linda Engstrom, Portland, OR