How do I know when workshops are full?

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Whether you are considering to register or have already done so, you probably want to know how full workshops are.

To see how many spots are taken in each workshop, go to the schedule tab in the navigation bar. Each workshop includes "seats taken" information.

The limit for each workshop is 19 people, including the instructors. If you see 19 / 19, that means the 19 spots are taken and the workshop is full. Other instances shown on the screengrab: 7 / 19 means 7 of 19 spots at the "Environments" workshop are taken, therefore 12 spots are available. 4 / 19 means 4 out of 19 spots at the "Waterscapes" workshop are taken, therefore 15 spots are available.

We expect all participants to play by the rules. Don't double-book workshops (adding more than 1 workshop for each time period to your schedule), don't sign up for workshops that are already full, and don't take the same workshop twice — that robs someone else of the opportunity to attend a workshop you are already signed up for at a different time.

If you break the rules, we may have to take your sketchbook away!

Thank you!