Day one - Excitement

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With Manuel João Ramos, I struggled to enhance the obstacles pedestrians face when negotiating their way through Largo Barão da Quintela. All that block the way are painted. Out of topic, just couldn't resist sketching the rough firefighters in their best Brando impersonation, checking out all the sketchers with just enough curiosity not to look curious - and the terrific Famel motorcycle. A classic portuguese 60s, 70s and 80s bike.

The talks by Tia and Ruth drew my attention avidly! The first for the straightforwardness of the tactics that get a small group to draw the attention of many, by effective networking and sincere sketchworking.The second, for writing in words the soul of the urban sketcher.

Afternoon with Nina Johansson and José Louro. Great challenge! Forget about the final result - always a smart reminder. Most of the skeches there were in fact unfinished, against my will. People just wouldn't sit still for 5 minutes. Well, at least, the people who were in my pen range.

Loved the leaflet, by the way!


Thank you very much Genine!

I don't have any personal website, not... yet. I do publish some work in Usk-Portugal.

Here's the link to my section:

Beautiful sketches. love the people sitting in the square and how you left the chairs "unfinished" and the definitely look like Tia.
do you have a blog or website?