Day 2 - Confirmation

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The second day began in Chiado, with Frank Ching and Pedro Cabral, showing us how the architecture of a place becomes the frame of life in drawings. Here, I sat next to Miguel Herranz who was applying this intense blue to his sky, and I just had to try it out. I like his better though. I also remembered a technique I had seen in the previous night in Melanie Reim's sketchbook in which she would detail the background thoroughly, while leaving the foreground unfinished. This created a sense of complexity and deepness I wanted to experiment. Here's the result.

Inside the Brasileira, by the counter, I tried to use the frames of the doorway to create a kind of proscenium effect, where the street would be the stage.

The talks by Matthew Brehm and James Richards were very reassuring. The first, explaining the difference between technique and style confirmed my thoughts on the subject, and made me feel at peace about using the same techniques as the sketcher next to me, such as I did with Miguel and Melanie, earlier in the morning. The second was a great pep talk on why what we're doing "is hot again!"

On to Rossio, where Melanie Reim and Ângela Luzia asked us to tell the stories from the square. My own favourite way of sketching. It seemed that only two kinds of people were there at that time: foreign tourists, and small groups of people from the african communities. 

The former were too restless to sketch, so I turned my attention to the latter. They were mostly just hanging around, talking, observing. Some, in very elegant postures. Others, more relaxed. 

At one time, one of those nefarious hashish pushers that use to roam around Rossio spotted me, restlessly, until he remembered there were some guys, in the news, the previous evening when he got home, drawing in the streets of Lisboa. Allright! I was certified! I was authorised to stand around in his corner!


Hi Liz,

Thanks so much! Yes, it was so crowded, and it seemed I kept seeing new faces everyday. Glad we have the web to check on everybody's work post-symposium.

I have no blog nor flickr... yet! Soon, I figure I'll have to take care of that. In the meantime, here's the closest thing, the link to my section in Urban Sketchers Portugal.

Hi Pedro,

Wonderful sketches and great post. Pity I did get to meet you in Lisbon (too many people!) Do you have a blog/flickr - would love to follow your work