From Canada - What Medium to Use?

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It's getting closer to the date. Lisbon seems so exciting to draw. When I lived in Portugal I was too young to appreciate the beautiful architecture of Lisbon. Now I will see it with different eyes. I am trying to gather some supplies but I am not sure what to bring. I usually draw with pencil but I have seen some of your drawings and they include colours. Are watercolours a good medium for this? doesn't the paper get all wet? what is the best way? I like to draw with pen but I want to add some colour that won't be too wet. What can you recommend? Here are some drawings of my in-laws backyard located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Here are some drawings from San Francisco when I was there in April this year for a Comic Con conference.

This picture was taken in London England July 2010. I enjoyed the visit, it was great.


Hello, Stella!

I think you could look at Catarina França's blog and consider joining her workshop. She is very proficient with watercolor and ecoline and she handles color beautifully.

Hola Stella! excelente trabajo.
Que bueno saber de que Argentina será representada desde Canadá.
Excelentes trabajos, muy bueno el manejo del trazo y texturas.

Quería comentarte que desde hace un año uso un block de Canson: Sketch pad, de 90gr. Las hojas tienen un mínimo tono amarillento. Aunque no tiene el gramaje óptimo ni la textura para la técnica de acuarela (tradicional) he encontrado que resulta muy bueno para trabajar con lápiz, lápices de color, tintas y acuarela!
Te dejo mi blog, casi todo esta realizado en el block mencionado. Hay de varios formatos. Uso el tamaño A4. El único inconveniente es la leve ondulación por la húmedad.
Nos vemos pronto en Lisboa. Un abrazo desde tu tierra.

Hey! A fellow Canadian! Great to see those sketches of San Francisco as well. Some spots I myself have loved to draw :)

I absolutely recommend watercolor. Street sketching is a great entry to watercolor, since you can rely on your drawings, and just tint over the lines with transparent washes. You can start with a travel set of pans, and one day move up to tubes and a folding paint box - but it's not required at first.

It's worth it to use good paper tho - 90 or 140lb at least - to avoid too much buckling. I tape my paper down on a sheet of coroplast (just with masking tape). Fully soaking and stretching paper is nice, but isn't absolutely required either.

Maybe try a watercolor block as well? blocks are pads gummed on all sides instead of just the top. So the paper is held down for you, and won't buckle. That's foolproof - if a little heavy to tote around :)

Hi Stella, you should absolutely try watercolors, you're already so confident with pencil so why don't try a new media? Start experiments now, so that in Lisbon you will get advantage of all the tips we can give you. With watercolor, the pencil drawing can/must be less defined and with no shade, since you will add them with color - and you'll see that in a while this is much faster than with the pencil. You can try with only one color first, like I often do, adding only shadows, with black or payne's gray or seppia. Dont worry about the paper, under 100 gr it will wrinkle a bit, but than you can use less water. Buy a sinthetic round n.10 brush to start, or a brush pen (large) and a watercolor box of medium price and maybe a 150-200 gr sketchbook. See you soon!

Hi Stella

Very recently I use watercolours but, before getting at ease with them I used coloured pencils for years.
I still keep a pocket size candy box where I keep mt pencils - I cut them in two pieces to fit the pocket sized box.
The two mediums (colored pencils and watercolours) are compatible and sometimes I use them both on the same sketch - not always in the same order. Sometimes the pencils are the beginning, sometimes they come on the end.
What I don´t like are the soluble coloured pencils.

See you in July, Stella.

Hi Stella
Beautiful sketches! Watercolor is a wonderful medium, of course, but since you are already very comfortable with pencil, perhaps you could try colored pencil. Start with just the three primary colors and mix them as you go. This is a great way to start working with color, and what you learn in the process will be very helpful later if you do try watercolor. Look forward to seeing you in Lisbon!

What a beautiful drawings, Stella! Love them
About watercolours it depends on the quality of the paper, you know. Is the paper of your skechtbook very thin? Doesn't it accept a light wash?
About pens you could use pens with permanent ink.
See you in Lisbon! :D