From Canada to Portugal

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Hello, my name is Stella Jurgen and I live in Ontario, Canada for the past 25 years. I had the opportunity to study in Portugal when I was a child and I attended 3 months of Fine Arts in the Escola Nacional das Belas Artes. Then my parents decided to imigrate to Canada and here I am. I have been doing urban sketches since last year. My first attempt was when I visited London, England. I usually like to paint outdoors, but I thought it would be too much trouble to bring all the paints so I started to do some pencil sketches. That was amazing! Then I did Chicago, Margarita Islands, San Francisco and some here and there from where I live. I am looking forward to returning to The Escola Nacional das Belas Artes and have the oportunity to draw outdoors with people of other nacionalities. What a wonderful chance to meet and draw! See you all there. I will bring my huge white hat so that I don't get burnt under the sun! These are some drawings that I did in Chicago.









Olá Tracey. Vemo-nos em Lisboa. Achei engraçada a tua história.

Thank you Tracey, I am looking forward to the symposium. I wonder where it will be next year. I hope to find you in Lisbon.

Ola Pedro, obrigada pela resposta. Gostaria de atender uma classe com você, mas todas estão cheias. Vou tentar. Tenho saudades de Lisboa. Nos morávamos perto de Sintra e lembro-me do caminho desde a estação do comboio levando o meu portafolio tao pesado... Os meus pais moram em Monte Estoril, vou ficar com eles durante o simposium. I will be flying from Vienna after a week of vacation there with my husband. I will make sure to draw some sketches there. See you in Lisbon.

I'm from Chicago, wonderful sketches!

We will be visiting our old Belas Artes School. Come along.